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China Belt Type die hard track Vertical Machine Center
Product Name: China Belt Type die hard track Vertical Machine Center
worktable size: 800x420mm
Spindle Rotation Speeds: 8000r.p.m
Products description

The main characteristics of VMC series 

The main structure is made of cast iron, adopts box-type design, which is thicker and stronger than the conventional structure, can achieve high rigidity, heavy cutting, high precision and maintain  precision after long time using.


All the main components are checked by 3D  finite element analysis, which can enhance the stability of high speed cutting.


Three-axis motor seat and main body are casted integrally and processed at the same time to ensure the assembly precision of each shaft..


The machine’s overall structure refers to European and US popular structure, and designed by CAD. Meanwhile the advanced finite element algorithm, which effectively evaluates the structure stress, ensures the reasonable structure stress distribution.


The spindle adopts high precision professional bearings, and all the screws adopt pretension treatment.


Full digital servo motor and the three-axis mobile servo motor with a specification larger than the standard one are adopted, can truly achieve the strong cutting.


The machine adopts both full digital servo motor and a three-axis mobile servo motor which with a specification larger than the conventional power, both can truly achieve the strong cutting.


Applicable to                    

Hardware mold, plastic mold and other steel mold’s processing.


 Standard Configuration

·Mitsubishi M80B controller or   FANUC0imf(5)
· Spindle oil cooler

·3colors alarm light 
· Tool Kit

· Cooling system (cooling pump)
· Separate handwheel
· Electric box cooling system
· Fully enclosed sheet metal

 Item No.VMC-650
 WorktableTable   Size800x420mm
Max. loading capacity 600kg
T-slot  (   Width x No. x Distance)18mmx3pcsx135mm
  TravelX   axis Travel650mm
Y axis Travel420mm
Z axis Travel480mm
Distance from spindle nose to worktable85-560mm
Distance from spindle axis to column guideway480mm
 SpindleSpindle   Rotation Speeds8000R.P.M   (10000/12000/15000 R.P.M)
Spindle TaperBT40
Spindle motor5.5KW
Three-axis motor power1.5KW
 FeedX.Y.Z   axis Feed Speeds18000mm/min
AccuracyPositioning   accuracy±0.01mm
 Dimension & WeightDimensions2500x2380x2576mm

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