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LM2013 New Condition Big torque cnc gantry milling machine gantry machining center
Product Name: LM2013 New Condition Big torque cnc gantry milling machine gantry machining center
worktable size: 1000*2000
loading capacity: 3T
X/Y/Z axis Travel: 2000/1400/800mm
Spindle Rotation Speeds: 3000rpm
positioning accurancy: 0.025
Products description

The main characteristics of LM series   

The whole machine adopts advanced GB300 resin sand castings, which eliminate the internal stress after tempering, vibration and natural aging treatment.

Ultra-wide column design and enlarged contact area with the beam eliminate the machining vibration to the greatest extent.

Three axis have no pad block. Both grinding and shoveling are used between the bearing seat and the body to ensure the three points’ concentricity accuracy of the screw rod.


Applicable to                    

Large mold processing, auto parts production, die casting processing and so on.

Technical Data Sheet                       


Item No.LM-2013LM-2015
Worktable                        Worktable size (W*L(mm)1000*20001300*2000
T-slot  ( No. - Size x Distance)7-22-1507-22*150
 Worktable loading capability3T3T
 Travel                                             X   axis Travel mm
Y axis Travel (mm)
Z axis Travel (mm)
 Gantry Width (mm)
 Distance from spindle nose to table   surface(mm)70-87070~870
 XYZ-axis Guide rail specification XY aixs: MR45 heavy load ball-type linear guide.   Z-axis rectangular slide rail                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      X、Y aixs: MR45 heavy load ball-type linear   guide.   Z-axis rectangular slide   rail                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
 XYZ-aix Servo motor Drive Manner and Drive   ratio Belt   Drive,  Drive ratioX-axis 2.51 Y/   Z-axis direct type
Spindle                                         Spindle Taper ( Mould no./ Mounting   diameter)       BT50/φ190 Belt-typeBT50/φ190 Direct-type.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
 Spindle delivery typeGearhead                             Max. rotational speed 3000rpm
Belt-type Drive milling headMax.   Rotational speed 6000rpm,  Reduction   ratio: 1.5:1or1:1(may install ZF reducer,reduction ratio 1:1;4:1)                                                                                                                                                                          
Direct-type Drive:Max.   Rotational speed 4000rpm, (may install ZF reducer,reduction ratio   1:1;4:1)                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Spindle   Motor, XYZ threephase servo motor recommendSpindle motor   18.5KW Spindle motor  18.5KW 
X40Nm,Y30Nm,Z30NmX40Nm,Y30Nm,  Z40Nm
Feed                                               XYZ-aix   fast moving recommend (mm/min)X8000;  YZ1000010000mm/min
XYZ-axis ball screw rod   specificationX:6310; Y:5010;   Z:5010                                            X:6310;   Y:5010; Z:5010                                            
Accuracy                           Positioning accuracy
Others Ca. Dimensions
Ca. Weight

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Xiamen Osail Tek Co., Ltd (OSTEK) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Zhangzhou Jugang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, who mainly responsible for the overseas market. Established in 1990, JUGANG began in Taichung City, Taiwan, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to CNC machine’s research, development, production and sales. JUGANG began its branch company in Fujian Province in 2006.


JUGANG’s main products are CNC engraving and milling machine, CNC drilling and tapping machine, high speed high precision CNC machining centers, CNC machine with linear rail, Vertical machine center Series, Gantry machining center etc., JUGANG KING STEEL CNC machines are extensively used in various industries, such as hardware, soft metal, mold carving, automotive, 3C, medical machinery, crafts industries, aerospace and so on.  

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1.    Professional factory experience – Based on the excellent quality, best service and professional technical support, Jugang’s products have been widely admitted all over the world now.

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