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T700 ISO9001 3 Axis Vertical Taiwan KING STEEL Automatic CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine
Product Name: T700 ISO9001 3 Axis Vertical Taiwan KING STEEL Automatic CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine
worktable size: 800*400mm
x/y/z Travel: 700/400/350mm
Spindle Taper/power: BT30( Direct drive type)/ 5.5kw
Spindle Rotation Speeds: 15000/20000rpm
X/Y/Z-aixs fast feed speeds: 48*48*48m/min
Products description

The main characteristics of T series  

1. High rigid structure can withstand the inertia produced by high G movement.

2. High speed mute screw and mute linear rail make less thermal displacement and higher precision.

3, Fast reaction of the direct drive high-speed spindle makes the drilling tapping efficiency greatly improved.

4. Three-axis 48m rapid feed movement can save 50% non-processing time.  5. Elevated column design, reserve space for the fourth and fifth axis’ installation.

6. The imported three-axis shield protects the screw rod and linear rail and prolongs the service life of the machine.

7. High rigidity main structure:

All main parts are made of high grade resin sand cast iron, which is high tension casting material with strong shock absorption and good wear resistance features; Internal stress elimination and aging treatment can ensure the machine’s long-time high precision.


Applicable to                    

High precision and high finish 3C parts, hardware processing, mold processing, auto parts production, die casting processing and so on.


Technical Data Sheet                       


Item no. T500T600T700
WorktableWorktable   size600*400mm700*400m800*400mm
 T-slot    ( Width x No. x Distance)14*3*100mm18*3*100mm18*3*100mm
Max. work-piece weight200kg250kg250kg
Travel X/Y/Z-aixs Travel500/400/350mm600/400/350mm700/400/350mm
Distance from spindle nose to worktable170~520mm150~500mm150~500mm
SpindleSpindle   Taper BT30 ( Direct drive type) BT30 ( Direct drive type) BT30( Direct drive type)
Spindle Rotation Speeds15000/20000rpm15000/20000rpm15000/20000rpm
Spindle Power5.5KW5.5KW5.5KW
FeedX/Y/Z-aixs   fast feed speeds48*48*48m/min48*48*48m/min48*48*48m/min
ATCAutomatic   tool change type Clamp-arm type                                   (Optional:   Servo tool magazine)Clamp-arm   type                                     (Optional: Servo tool magazine)Clamp-arm   type                                     (Optional: Servo tool magazine)
Automatic tool change quantity16/21pcs16/21pcs16/21pcs
Dimension & WeightDimensions   (Lx W x H)mm 1800*2250*2600mm1800*2300*2650mm1900*2350*2700mm


Company Introduction                  

Xiamen Osail Tek Co., Ltd (OSTEK) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Zhangzhou Jugang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, who mainly responsible for the overseas market. Established in 1990, JUGANG began in Taichung City, Taiwan, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to CNC machine’s research, development, production and sales. JUGANG began its branch company in Fujian Province in 2006.


JUGANG’s main products are CNC engraving and milling machine, CNC drilling and tapping machine, high speed high precision CNC machining centers, CNC machine with linear rail, Vertical machine center Series, Gantry machining center etc., JUGANG KING STEEL CNC machines are extensively used in various industries, such as hardware, soft metal, mold carving, automotive, 3C, medical machinery, crafts industries, aerospace and so on. 



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Precision Assembly                 

The machine’s precision assembly is not only depends on the parts’ precision, but also depends on the assembly method. To ensure the product’s accuracy, OSAIL TEK insists on completing all the assembly 100% by ourselves, grasping every detail and each step, and refining the assembly process. Each procedure has been rigorously tested and recorded before proceeding to the next step.


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